This guide is for adding the children of celebrities. If the child is famous in their own right then create a normal Birth record.

Title #

Use “(Name) + born” for titles.

Elon Musk born in Pretoria, South Africa

Don’t include middle names in the title.

Body Text #

Use either:

  1. (Last name 1) and (last name 2) welcome (child full name) to the world.
  2. The couple welcome (child full name) to their family.
  3. (Mother last name) gives birth to (child full name).

Add any other relevant information. Height, weight, location, complications, other details.

Everything should be in the present tense:

was born => is born
weighed => weighs
was 21 inches => is 21 inches

Image #

An image of the child or the couple with the child is fine.
If the image comes from Instagram, just embed the Instagram link.
If the image comes from Twitter, just embed the Twitter link.

Quote #

Please use a quote from the parents where possible, or a famous grandparent.

If the quote comes from Twitter, please embed the Twitter link instead of the blockquote.

Categories #

Add both parents as categories.

Date #

Please use the date of the birth, not the date of the report.

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