Strategies for creating new events

Newsline posts summarize all the important information into a news event. Try not to leave out any points that tell the story of that event.

  • Find your sources, such as newspapers. Note that while Wikipedia is a good starting point for information on a topic, it is not a source. Look at the sources Wikipedia uses (in the References section at the bottom of the page) to see if they are useful or not.
  • Scan the original news article for the main news points that actually happened at that time.
    • Anything from the past goes into a separate post. So if someone is being sentenced for a crime, the day they are found guilty should be put in a separate post.
  • Add more facts about the same event from other news articles if necessary.
  • Find a quote in the article
  • If the event comes from a Tweet, please include the tweet at the end
  • Find a YouTube clip that supports the event if you can
  • Summarize the points of the news event and quote in a concise way. Avoid repetition.
  • Link to the main source you use

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