How to create a News Event -Video

This video waill take you through the steps required to add a news event to Newslines. If you get stuck, please contact us through our Discord server.

Newslines Onboarding Walkthrough 1


  1. Click + Add New in the Admin bar (the black bar at the top of the page) and select Post
  2. The Add New Post screen will appear
  3. Add a Title for your post.
  4. Enter the date of the event in the Event Date box. Use the selector if the date has no month or day.
  5. Add the extracted information from the new articles you are using as a reference in the large text input box.
    1. Remember to use the present tense.
  6. Select the text you want to add as a quote and click the quote icon
  7. Add an Event Type such as Birth, Marriage, TV Appearance etc
  8. Add a Category (the name of the person or product). This will link your post to the other posts in the newsline.
  9. Add an image or video
  10. Re-read your text one more time.
  11. When you are ready click Submit for Review

After your post is submitted:

  1. Your post will now be submitted to an editor for review.
  2. An adminsitrator will publish your post

It usually takes most people around 5-10 posts to get used to our system and our formatting. If you need help, jump on the chat, or send an email to

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