Validation errors

Validation process #

When you first submit your post it will be validated for around 30 common errors.

  • The Author writes a post and submits it for review
  • The post is scanned for warnings and errors
  • The system will automatically fix some problems, such as removing hidden tags
  • If there are issues with the post, the post will fail validation and the Author will see a list of errors and warnings under the post. Each error or warning has a checkbox and a brief description that links to the relevant knowledgebase article.
  • The Author then fixes the errors. The writer can choose to ignore some errors by checking the relevant boxes. For example, if there is no available image for the event the Author can select the “no image” checkbox

Errors & Warnings #

Missing items

  1. Blank post
  2. Missing quote
  3. Missing image
  4. No video
  5. No date (caught by general WordPress validation
  6. No link to source
  7. No category selected


  1. Broken link to source – link does not go to a real page
  2. Do not use Wikipedia,, as source


  1. Remove quotation marks on blockquote: ”Thank you for this award”
  2. Post has quoted text but no blockquote tag
  3. “he said”. “she said”, “they said”  or similar in blockquote
  4. Quote by post about one person doesn’t need “Subject says:”

Present tense

  • Date in body text. We already know the date from the date field so we don’t need it in the body.  Note that magazine covers often need the date of the issue to be added in the body text.
  • Remove “Today, Yesterday” in body text.
  • Do not use “new”, “just released” in the body text.

General format

  1. Replace numbers under 11 with their long version: one, two three, etc

Grammar types

  1. Enforce Present Tense in the body text. All posts in Newslines are supposed to be in the present tense. Example: Clooney wins Oscar. Jackson dies at home.
  2. Active verbs in body text (write in box: is mourning => mourns)


  1. Engagement, marriage, divorce or breakup must have at least two categories (this is still being worked on)

Post Titles

  1. Do not use full name in body or title (checked against category), except Birth and Death posts
  2. No dates allowed in Post Title
  3. Marriage, divorce, breakup title format should be (last name 1), (last name 2) marry
  4. Shorten post titles aggressively. Warn when these words are in post titles: at, of, for, the, in, is, and, from, to


  1. Image is wrong size. We use 150px thumbnail for all images except books and logos which are 250px wide
  2. Image not left justified


  1. Youtube link format is incorrect.
  2. YouTube link not at bottom of post. YouTube should be last thing on post
  3. Youtube link in body text, and after post. Same link used twice
  4. Youtube link has extra link formatting

Automatic Removal

  1. Automatic whitespace and non-breaking space removal
  2. Hidden <span> tags “<p style=”color: #555555;><p class=”p1″> etc
  3. Remove hidden alt or title text on link to source

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