Aggressively shorten titles

Always try to remove these words from headlines: at, of, for, the, in, is, and, from, to

Posts first video on YouTube -> Posts first YouTube video
Fire in Sony warehouse =>Warehouse fire
Search resumes in Southern Ocean => Southern Ocean search resumes
Paparazzi hit by Bieber’s car => Car hits Paparazzi, or Paparazzi hit
Morgan taken to hospital => Morgan hospitalized

Do not repeat the date of the post in the title #

The date of the post is set by the datepicker

Do not repeat the name of the subject in the title #

We already know what the newsline is about, so we do not need to repeat the topic’s name in the title.

  1. Bad: George Clooney wins Oscar
  2. Better: Clooney wins Oscar
  3. Correct: Wins Oscar

Exception: When two or more people share an event: Gates sues Jobs

Do not capitalize every word #

Post titles should NOT be capitalized (except for book, song and album titles etc)

  • WRONG: Debris Found In Ocean
  • CORRECT: Debris found in ocean

Books, Songs, Album titles #

Use the name of the media as the post title

Releases Dark Side of the Moon => Dark Side of the Moon

Births #

[Subject’s full name] born in [City,State or Country]. If the city is well-known (London, Tokyo, New York) we don’t need the State or Country

Marriages, divorces, breakups #

Because these are all between two people the titles are written like this:

  • Griffiths, Banderas divorce
  • Lopez, Affleck breakup
  • Clooney, Alamuddin marry

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