Movie & trailer categories

Use Movie Posts for released films, Trailers for upcoming films #

If a movie has already been released just add it as a movie post, unless the release of the trailer was newsworthy in its own right. If a film has not yet been released feel free to add each trailer as they come out.

Movie Posts & Categories #

Movie posts are always written from the perspective of the actor or director. So a post about Tom Cruise appearing in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation will be like this:

Category: Tom Cruise

Title: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Post: Cruise plays superspy Ethan Hunt in the fifth installment of the action thriller franchise, directed by Brad Bird. Hunt re-forms the disbanded IMF to fight against the Syndicate. Co-starring Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg.

Quote: I remember one time we were going down the runway and there was just a little particle that just hit me, it was smaller than a finger nail. I was thankful it didn’t hit my hands or face, if it did I’d have a problem because those parts were exposed, but it still could have broken my ribs!

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In this case, Tom Cruise is the only category, and the co-stars and director’s full names will appear in the post. This is so that this post only appears on Cruise’s newsline.

If we want to add the same movie for Simon Pegg, we would write the post from Pegg’s perspective and add his category so it will read:

Category: Simon Pegg

Title: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Post: In the fifth installment of the action thriller series, Pegg plays IMF member Benji, who helps superspy Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) fight against The Syndicate. Directed by Brad Bird. Co-starring Jeremy Renner.

Quote: It was really fun making this movie because Benji and Ethan’s relationship is kind of front and centre because Ethan reaches out to Benji for help and it’s a big responsibility for Benjy. He’s not just the puppy anymore.

Embedded video: Any trailer

Note how Cruise and Renner’s full names are used.

It’s okay to have many posts about the same film. Each actor and the director can have a post.

Trailers #

Trailers work differently from movie posts because we do not need to write each trailer from each actor’s perspective. Add ALL of the actors and the director to the list of categories.

Category: Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, Brad Bird, Paramount

Title: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol trailer 1

Post: Paramount releases the trailer for Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.

Add a link to a news report about the trailer release on the word “releases”

Embedded video: The actual trailer

We do not need to mention everyone who is a category in the post. Only mention anything that is unusual or noteworthy.

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