Arrest after hiding three days under bed

Hubbard is arrested after spending three days hiding under a bed in the spare bedroom. He had entered the home while the homeowner is taking out the garbage. He is arrested for burglary and electricity he uses to charge four cellphones. Homeowner: He was hiding upstairs underneath the bed, in my daughter’s bedroom. He used to […]

Two teens detained

Police detain two teenagers in deaths of five family members in eastern Oklahoma. All nine people at crime scene members of same family. Five dead, one is in critical condition, one child is OK, and two teens in police custody. Police: It appears that the two suspects fled out the door sometime during our arrival. We […]

EU sues Hollywood studios

After an 18-month investigation, the European Union issues anti-trust lawsuit against Disney, NBCUniversal, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros, as well as Britain and Ireland’s Sky TV. The suit specifically calls into question copyright laws which allow Hollywood studios to sell their content individually to national markets, creating a divided European market in defiance of […]

NY minimum wage to rise

A panel appointed by Cuomo recommends a $15 an hour minimum raise from the current minimum of $8.75. The first wage increase should come by Dec. 31, taking the minimum in the city to $10.50 and in the rest of the state to $9.75. The wage in the city would then rise in increments of $1.50 annually for the next three […]

Tensing kills Dubose at traffic stop

Tensing, a University of Cincinnati police officer is under investigation after Dubose is shot in the head and killed during a routine traffic stop. After Tensing stops Dubose’s car for not having a front license plate, Dubose refuses to provide a driver’s license, produces an alcohol bottle instead and refuses to get out. A struggle ensues, Tensing fires one […]

Iraq drone crash

Factory workers report a U.S. unarmed MQ-1 surveillance and reconnaissance drone crash in the Iraqi desert near Baghdad. U.S. official: We are working with Iraqi authorities to recover the aircraft.

20 dead in suicide bombimng

Over twenty people die in twin suicide attacks by two 15-year-old girls in Maruoa, in northern Cameroon. One girl attacks a busy marketplace and the other targets a neighborhood area. We are still searching if there are more bodies because many people were in the market and some are still in their shops, said police officer Eric Bambue, […]

Tom Moore dies at 86

Moore dies age 86. The cause of death is lung cancer. Archie Comics: Archie Comics is saddened to hear of the passing of artist Tom Moore. Our thoughts are with his family and fans. Archie editor: Tom was very funny and had a knack for putting together really great, hilarious gags and special pages when he worked at […]

Two weeks until release

Jones, the youngest murder convict in the U.S history will be released in two weeks from a Florida prison after an eighteen-year sentence. He and his 13-year old sister were responsible for the murder of their father’s girlfriend. Jones has became an ordained minister in prison. He will remain on probation for the rest of his life.

Troy Goode dies age 30

Police arrest Goode due to his erratic actions at a concert in Southaven, Mississippi. The police say he was on LSD. He is placed face-down on a stretcher with his arms and legs bound during the arrest, before he was placed in the back of an ambulance. He tells officers he is having trouble breathing in this position. Bystanders are threatened with […]


CEO Tanaka leaves the company over an 152 billion yen accounting disparity brought to light by an investigative report. The inflation of profits to meet targets was carried out not only on one or two projects, but across the board, sometimes because the projects weren’t even breaking even. At a press conference Tanka bows for nearly half a minute […]

Pleads not guilty

Sentsov pleads not guilty to terrorism charges relating to giving gifts of food to Ukrainian troops in Crimea, and attending anti-Crimea annexation protests. The Russian government says he is an affiliate of the Ukrainian activist group, Right Sector. The charges carry a penalty of life imprisonment, but prosecutors have offered Sentsov a 20-year term. Sentsov says he was tortured […]

Cyberattack on police

Police departments across Canada are hit by cyber attacks as Anonymous takes revenge on the police for shooting an activist, in a case of mistaken identity. Its goal is to uncover the name of the police officer who killed the Dawson Creek activist If Canadian police was as brave as Canadian nurses, they could deal with people with knives without […]

Hackers compromise site

The Hacker group Impact Team breaks into Ashley Madison’s dating website and threaten to release the private information of 37 million clients, including sexual fantasies and other personal information from the site’s database. Impact Team claim the attack is in response to a profile-erasure service Avid Life Media (the site’s parent company), offered for $19. The hackers claim that […]

EU approves Iran deal

The European Union approves the Iran nuclear deal. The deal lifts EU economic sanctions against Tehran, but keeps sanctions in place on human rights violations, and bans the supply of ballistic missile technology. Iran offers alternate energy supplies for Europe. The European Union may reopen an EU delegation in Tehran and is seeking business opportunities in the country. French foreign minister: It […]

U.S., Cuba renew diplomatic ties

The United States and Cuba restore diplomatic relations after half a century. The Cuban embassy opens in Washington, and a Cuban flag is added to the lobby of the State Department. Presidents Castro and Obama mark the relationship with a letter exchange. Secretary of State Kerry will visit Cuba later in the summer to formally raise the flag there: Nothing is more […]

Charged with war crimes

Habre is charged with numerous war crimes that resulted in the deaths of 40,000 people. This is the first time he is before a court for crimes that span a period of twenty years. Victim: I want to look him in the face and ask him why I was kept rotting in jail for three years, […]

350,000 evacuated

The Japanese government has requested 350,000 people in the storm’s direct path to evacuate, due to maximum storm gusts of 126 kilometers per hour.  Two people have died and 39 people have been injured, and domestic flight have been grounded due to torrential rain and high winds.

Chinese test mind-powered car

Nakai University in China reveal a car that is controlled by the users brain activity — an electroencephalo-graph car. Drivers use a headset to monitor brain activity that direct the vehicle. Head of Research: We connect our equipment with CAN (Controller Area Network) of the car for communication, which is a breakthrough because in the past the […]

Guilty verdict

The jury find Holmes guilty in 165 charges in the deaths of 12 people at the Aurora theater. In closing statements the prosecution argues against Holmes’ insanity defense: That is logical. That is rational, and that is anything — anything — but psychotic. That guy was sane beyond a reasonable doubt, and he needs to be held accountable for what […]

Head stolen from grave

Murnau’s head is missing from his grave in Stahnsdorf South-Western Cemetery, close to Berlin. Murnau’s grave is a frequent target of vandalism. Wax drippings around his grave point to a possible occult motive. Cemetery manager: There was a candle … a photo session or a celebration or whatever in the night. It really isn’t clear. […]

Defends Iran nuclear deal

President Obama defends the nuclear deal brokered with Iran, at a White House Press Corp meeting, arguing that the only way of assuring Iran not obtain a nuclear weapon is the agreement between the United States, Iran, and five other countries. The deal obtains assurances from Iran to stop and immediately downsize its nuclear program. In exchange, all previous sanctions […]